Scent Dinners in Venice

Join us at The Gritti Palace on November 6th and 7th and at the Hotel Danieli on November 8th where we will be holding 3 extraordinary Scent Dinner experiences in collaboration with Chandler Burr and Tom Ford.   

A Scent Dinner is the combination of two stimulating experiences, where fine dining and a master class in scent meet. Two experiences take place at the same time: the first, an olfactory and invisible dinner, the second a culinary one where scents are translated into a tasting menu.

It's a collaboration between perfume critic and connoisseur Chandler Burr and two culinary masters, the enthusiastic and creative executive chefs from Restaurant Terrazza Danieli & The Gritti Palace’s, Club del Doge. One scent menu interpreted by two chefs, each creating a personalized and tailored culinary experience according to his philosophy and ideas.

During each dinner, guests will be invited to consume an olfactory course made of scent raw materials and les parfum gourmands used in renowned Tom Ford perfumes, followed by a culinary creation inspired by those perfumes and made entirely of food raw materials. The evening travels between two senses.